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Uploading and registering your property is done in a few steps:
First, fill out this form. Second, pay your advertisement online (€ 75). And finally upload the photos. After submitting this form you can always change or supplement all data later on. We send you also an email with how to use instructions and an invoice for the ad. Please check your spam folder if you didn't receive the e-mail.

The advertisement fee includes a one-time free translation into the Dutch language so the ad looks the same as all the Dutch ads.

Last name / Company name
Contact person:
Daytime telephone number (with country code)
Telephone number after 7 pm (with country code):
Mobile number, cellphone
E-mail address
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Correspondence address / Invoice address:
Postal Code
Your spoken languages
In which language can you respond?
The buyers come for 90% from the Netherlands or Belgium and speak Dutch and the most of them speak also English. But there are also buyers from the United Kingdom, Germany, France etc. It is useful to know which languages are spoken!
English Dutch French German Spanish Italian Other languages
Log-in codes
You need a password and username to log in later. These codes can be entered below:
Location accommodation?

Because many buyers search the internet for houses in departments, regions and special places, you also have to state at least the 3 most important places near to where your house is located. Specifying 5 known places is by far the best to be found.

In wich part of France:
Area code:
Street and house number:
Alternative area name:
1st well known place in the area
2nd well known place in the area
3rd well known place in the area
4th well known place in the area
5th well known place in the area
Selling / Asking price
The selling price is without comma or point: Only numbers!
How many persons?
Here you can indicate how many people your house is suitable for and how many bedrooms / bathrooms there are.
Maximum sleeps
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Distances and sizes
Not required to fill out but can be useful to know. Less than 1 km can also be indicated in meters with: 0.250 km (do not use a comma but a point to split the meters)
Habitable surface in square meters
Surface garden / terrain in square meters
Distance shops for daily shopping in kilometers
Distance to the sea in in kilometers
Distance to airport in kilometers
Distance to train station (TGV) in kilometers
Distance from to your property.:
Type of property

Your house can probably be described in a number of ways! With us, every object is a standard house. But you might also call it gite or villa and so on.
house *
holiday resort
bungalow park
mobile home on camping
cottage on camping
hotel (with apartments)
guest house
youth hostel
hotel restaurant
Specifics house and surroundings

Each house has special features and facilities. Below you can check what is applicable to your property.
the house is within the urban area
the house is outside the urban area
small garden
large garden
no garden
child friendly
not child friendly
internet / wifi
own balcony
pets are NOT allowed
pets are allowed
enclosed grounds (dogs can not run away)
close to beach/sea
lake nearby for swimming
location on a river/stream
private parking
wheelchair accessible, with at least a toilet with brackets, walk-in shower and no necessary stairs inside and outside the house.
high chair available
quiet area
cozy busy environment
silence area, very quiet
100% privacy
easily accessible by public transport (no car needed!)
boat mooring available
own fish pond where fishing is allowed

tourist environment
amusement park within 1 hour drive
beautiful views
sea view
100% private swimming pool
shared pool with other people
private heated pool
setup pool
public swimming pool within 15 minutes
toddler pool
own tennis court
own jeu de boules court (petanque)
detached house
well-equipped kitchen
washing machine
fridge with freezer drawers or separate freezer
refrigerator without freezer compartment
smoking is not allowed
complete interior of the house
naturism / nude recreation
going out / nightlife / disco
Sports facilities?

Below you can check sports that apply to your house within 1 hour drive.
hiking *
moutain climbing
horse riding
winter holiday sports ski, cross-country skiing (within 1 hour drive!)
Strong title of your ad?

In addition to good photos, a catchy and well-descriptive title of your advertisement is very important. Below you can enter the title. (Between 20 and 150 characters)

The text of your ad
In the advertisement you can use 3 important text boxes.
In the first text box you give a good description of the property.
In the second text box, enter a description of the immediate and surrounding area.
And in the third and last text box you can enter important information cencerning the sale.

1. Description of the property

Please write everything about your home here
Would you like to give a description of the house as atmospheric as possible? Such as: layout, number of rooms, sleeping places, garden, dimensions, bathroom (s), privacy, swimming pool and other facilities etc. Try to avoid a 'cold' list of things.

Maximum words: 700
Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 700

2. Description area of the property

A buyer of a house would like to know everything about nature and the possibilities in the neighborhood. Take the time to make a nice description of everything.
It is also important to know how far the shops such as the bakery and butcher of the house are.
Please describe here as extensively as possible what you can do and see in the vicinity of your house and in the wide surroundings of your house.
We will also place the municipality where your house is located on Google Maps.

Maximum words: 700
Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 700

3. Important selling information

In this text area you can say what comes with the selling and what not. You can descripe the general condition of the property and what has to be done in a short while or on the middle long term.
Buyers are also wandering how high the local taxes are and what they can aspect for using water and electricity. If you have a fosse septic you can tell the age of the fosse septic and if the fosse has been approved.

Maximum words: 400

Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 400

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or comments, you can write them here below.
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